Many years ago, an army of monsters united under the name GONG by the mysterious Great Leader created a mechanical entity to be their perfect warrior. However, the warrior escaped and posessed a human named Ojizan Yuuga. Taking the name Kamen Rider Yuuga, he fights the evil monsters with awesome power. Later on Kamen Rider Tranzer joins the fight when GONG becomes stronger.

Kamen RidersEdit

Kamen Rider Yuuga/ Ozijan Yuuga

Kamen Rider Yuuga - Throttle Form

Kamen Rider Tranzer/Mosumoto Kaijo


Yuuga Driver

Mecha Sword/Blaster

Tranzer Driver


Yuuga Machine

Kamen Rider Tranzer Vechile Mode


Saji Mio


Great Leader of Gong

General Troll

Warrior Blade

Claw Grunts

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