Kamen Rider Nexus is the remake of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight with the same and new characters but new riders.




Kamen Rider Wolf Knight - Connar - SilverEdit

  • Advent Cards:
    • Combat Vent (Sword and Shield)
    • Mercury Vent (Spear)
    • Strike Vent (Claws)
    • Attack Vent (WildFang)
    • Final Vent
  • Contract Beast: WildFang (Wolf)
  • Final Vent: WildFang Howls making you charging at foe w/ claws to strike th final blow

Kamen Rider Wing Knight - Jye - BlackEdit

  • Advent Cards:
    • Sword Vent (Lance)
    • Guard Vent (Cape)
    • Trick Vent (Clones)
    • Nasty Vent (Bat Scream)
    • Attack Vent (Black Wing)
    • Final Vent
  • Contract Beast: Black Wing (Bat)
  • Final Vent: Black Wing becomes cape him jimps in air and spins into a drill then strikes

Kamen Rider Drakon - Adam - RedEdit

  • Advent Cards
    • Sword Vent (Sword)
    • Strike Vent (Dragon Gauntlet)
    • Guard Vent (Dragon Shield)
    • Attack Vent (Dragredder)
    • Final Vent
  • Contract Beast: Dragredder (Dragon)
  • Final Vent: Jumps in air and Dragredder breathes fire from behind and gives a boost the his kick

Kamen Rider Incisor - Kyle R - OrangeEdit

  • Advent Cards:
    • Strike Vent (Crab Claw)
    • Guard Vent (Crab Shield)
    • Attack Vent (Volcancer)
    • Final Vent
  • Contract Beast: Volcancer (Crab)
  • Final Vent: Volcancer pushes Incisor up into the air and then Incisor rolls into a ball and strikes

Kamen Rider Amythest - Bailey - VioletEdit

  • Advent Cards:

Kamen Rider Torque - Kyle H - GreenEdit

  • Advent Cards:

Kamen Rider Camo - James (Jiblee) - Light GreenEdit

  • Advent Cards:

Kamen Rider Thrust - Jarrod - GreyEdit

  • Advent Cards:

Kamen Rider Strike - Phillip - PurpleEdit

  • Advent Cards:

Kamen Rider Spear - Shannan - BrownEdit

  • Advent Cards:

Kamen Rider Axe - Jordan - BlueEdit

  • Advent Cards:

Kamen Rider Sting - Dylan - Hot PinkEdit

  • Advent Cards:

Kamen Rider Abyss - Brandon - Light BlueEdit

  • Advent Cards:

Kamen Rider Siren - Tayla - WhiteEdit

  • Advent Cards:

Kamen Rider Wrath - George - GoldEdit

  • Advent Cards:

Kamen Rider Ace - Alex - CrismonEdit

  • Advent Cards:

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