G5 Prince Lap -Bon★Baie Limited- is a song by Misao Mondo, Larry, Rhino Zyuman, Wolf Zyuman, Crocodile Zyuman and Perle. In Ultraman x Kamen Rider x Super Sentai x Metal Hero x Tomica Hero x Pretty Cure x Aikatsu! x Aikatsu Stars!: Super Hero Taisen V.

Romanized LyricsEdit

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Ikemen No. 1 Oretachi Prince
Maji (Maji) Maji (Maji) Maji maji
Majimaji mite kure
Tick (Tick) Tack (Tack) Doramatic
Takanaru heart GO!

Itsu demo doko demo Zenryoku da! ze!
Omelettes Ugatz Ryourishite yarussu
Battle mo enjoy suki mite wasshoi
Don't cry kachitai "Hanpanai!"
Kakko yosugiru Professional
Kanzen muketsu ni narcissist
Kosei ni sansei Hachamecha yuusei
G5 Prince!

Moete moesugite atsukurushiku naru
Overheat nya ki wo tsukete BONG BONG!

Zu~kkoke aru kedo tatakau sono toki
Sekai wa G5 ni koi shiteru BONG BONG!

Handsome guys number 1, we're princes.

For real?, For real?, For real?, For real?, For real? Take long hard look.

Tik-tok. Dramatic with a throbbing heart! Go!

Anytime, any place, I'm full force!

Omelttes, ugts, cooikng

Enjoy the battle. peeping. wassrai!

Don't cry. want to win! I'm not half-hearted

Too cool professional

A completely naissist

Full of individuolity. nondensical Superiority! G5 Prince

Burn. but if you burn too much it'll be sweltering Try not to over heat Bom Bom!

But they can be foolish when it comes time to fight! Fall in love with the world of G5 Bom Bom!

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